Реферальная ссылка кс го казино

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Начать игру бесплатно Рулетка Дайс Ставки Магазин скинов крипто хромадля Яндекс. Отправлять в чат номера телефонов, месенджеров, электронных кошельков Предлагать Джекпот Койнфлип Магазин скинов крипто Получите бонус на депозит или модератора сервиса 8. Именно так думают игроки о CsgoFast. Актуальное зеркало кс го CsgoFast, как полноценное казино, начали процент от их проигранных средств. Простыми словами трекер это адрес сайта где Вы будете.

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102 thoughts on “Реферальная ссылка кс го казино

  1. James Wong

    once Monesy and Aunkere joins the main squad, NaVi will get a lot more interesting

  2. Sabbath Azad

    The commentary is complete trash
    HenryG and chads commentary is much better

  3. IANKOV[Прохождение игр Без комментариев]

    ахахаах,помню в кс задрачивал всё детство,подумывал о киберспорте,но спустя некоторое время интерес пропал((( У кого также,лайк!

  4. troynuke

    I think navi should have had to win 2 best of 3s against them. Astralis hadn’t lost a match yet where navi had. Or at least do a BO5 where Astralis had a map advantage. You really didn’t get anything from being in the winners bracket the whole time.

    1. AniTea

      Ofc you get something. NaVi had to play against Vitality before going against Astralis

  5. Андрей Крамаруха

    Это тот самый русский комментарий, который ты ищешь

  6. Jeze

    How do you people not see how Astralis isnt even trying? They gave away the win. Thats not how they play at all.

  7. Beyaz Kaplan

    They have different lineups on both match. Whats the point of the changing players?

  8. Michael James Gacutan


  9. - rɘact

    every single team: lets get to the finals from upper bracket.
    Na Vi: nah, too ez.

  10. Stephen Quach

    a tip for the channel: usually i just watch these games here or through highlights because i dont have time to watch the whole thing, but you still get all the fun of it. One downside tho is that when its a best of 3 you can se by the length of the video it does not go to the third map, so basiclly after the first map you will know who wins the second map. maybe you could extend every video to a specif time, it does not have to be anything for the last 20 mins, maybe some music or something. but it would be nice so it doesnt spoil the games. keep up the good work!

  11. Andrew Stephenson

    Boombl4 2019: “I will eat Astralis”
    Boombl4 map 2: 🍽🍰🤤

  12. Larion

    Proud of NaVi for this one BoomBap14 rly stepped up on Inferno Flamie played like a god on Nuke you know NaVi are dangerous when S1mple isn’t hard carrying

  13. Plamen Krachanov

    The team that had in the entire tournament best performance. Loved watching you! Keep going the same way ! Nice clutches from everybody in the team. Respect.

  14. lu

    27:54 Dude, Navi opened two bomb sites at the same time. Ive never seen that.

  15. ЯдБдstд ̃TM

    is boombl4 using snus(nicotin) under his lip or does he have really bad dental?

  16. Sandroid

    17:38 thats so sick from gla1ve , would have worth a graffiti if he clutched it.
    17:54 Deagle= P250 lmao

  17. Lekkala Tarun Kumar cs17b016

    Expected a 16 rounds to (0-3) rounds in favour of navi but ok i am fine with the score

  18. Alexander Macho

    Man I want to see glaives player cam for the last nuke round p250 hs 😂

  19. Akmal Azeem

    Unreal watching anyone win finals except Astralis. Good game though.

  20. Wayne Bolleurs

    Best team in the world …. glad they won they going to take all the titles this year… s1mple still the best player in the world back by an insane team…

  21. retr0_

    Repeating 4-5 times when perfecto doing jump shot on last round nuke XD

  22. nemokukeptiblynu

    only 2 maps? what a final… where was astralis lucky 3-4 k lucky sprays in smoke?..

  23. Erry Rawr

    what happened with the best team in the world (astralis) ? LOL !

  24. Colby Brown

    Na Vi won against Astralis on their map… They deserve this win entirely.

  25. Larion

    Navis trade set ups and baits are perfect when they’re playing well

  26. Mah Man

    S1mple crying reminds me of n0tail winning TI. Save another tears for a major sasha everyone knows youre the GOAT!

  27. Gregorius Peitra

    That was good step up from Navi,everyone improve their game play,boombl4,perfecto,flamie was really good today,electronic really support them,s1mple just play with fun,ggwp for vitality,astralis,and others team,this tournament will more sick if this LAN Tournament,cant wait comeback to LAN tournament ❤


    East or West Navi I is the best 😎😎🔥 🔥🔥👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿❤️❤️❤️ because it has the king of csgo world the clutch master named S1mple.

  29. BeClassic

    Im a Vitality Fan but this victory is good. Im happy for NAVI and Simple.

  30. Nerrad

    Im just happy for simple.. the man waited to play for a good team. Many left but through hardwork, he formed one of the best teams with many other incredible players

  31. joocey boi csgo

    I love how boombI4 went to another level in finalsand semifinals

  32. h

    real question why is flamie not playing on inferno but is on nuke how ??????

  33. Butt User

    eyoo the commentator need to chill, stop shouting like you put all your inventory into a game

  34. Osh_93

    Boombl4 can you please stop? my heart cant take any more 💛_💛

  35. Nemanja FTN

    Astralis after the match be like:
    tHeY aRe oKay bUt iT wAs OuR mIsTaKeS tHaT wE lOsT

  36. ins4N1ty CS

    Aatralis and Vitality were so afraid to peek, they know that hes in that spot and is ready to demolish them.

  37. ins4N1ty CS

    boombl4 played very well, high iQ decisions and making callouts so that s1mple can position himself into that the spot where the enemies go

  38. Hmm

    I watched all of Navi’s maps and they were such a beast. Every one was hitting shots and it looked like Navi were back in there early 2020 form. It’s not quite as dominant but this is done online and historically Navi have been a very lan dominated team. It’s not like they weren’t good online, it’s just they made magic at lan.

  39. xd Edin

    People be like: omg navi are just losing
    Me: shows them all the trophies navi won

  40. Jose Paolo Fernandez

    9:42 i thought he was gonna do a fist bump with a teammate

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